Boiler Repair

Nationally Certified Boiler Repair Specialists with Certified Mechanics and  the largest fleet in the tri-state area for Rapid Response!
  • Metro is a National “R” Stamp Holder
  •  The National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors issues R Certificates through the R Stamp Certificate of Authorization program - Obtaining a National “R” stamp requires that a company to go through a rigorous program that ensures a company has written procedures, qualified personnel, certified mechanics and a track-record of quality. 
  •  Having Boiler repairs made by a company that does not have an R certificate can subject building owners to fines, violations and boiler shut downs.
​​Our Boiler Repair Services Include:
  • Heavy boiler repairs, including sectional, access door and jacket repair and replacements
  • Entire tube and tube sheet replacement
  • Mud and steam drum replacement
  • Oil and steam line piping
  • Boiler breeching (exhaust piping) and installation of clean out doors (chimney base) and or access doors (on flue pipe)
  • Condensate return tank replacement/Exhaust and intake fan replacement
  • Replacement of domestic coil and domestic coil face plate with gasket
  • Install of LWCO (with knowledge of boiler code)
  • Replacement of pop safety (piped to code)
  • Auto feeder installations on boiler vessels
  • Total replacement of manhole and hand hole assembly complete on all heating vessels. Work always performed by certified and professional welders.

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      Service Offerings:
  • Environmental Assessment & Consultation
  • Water Management Plans
  • Legionella Testing and Certified Lab Results
  • Certificates of Compliance
  • Cleaning, Disinfections & Remediation’s
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