Water Management Plan's
Reduce the Risk of Legionella

Stay Compliant with Federal Guidelines & ASHRAE 188 

Full Service Water Management with The Metro Group includes a complete package of the Risk Assessment, Control Measures and Corrective Actions that make up the key elements of a Water Management Plan for any water system.  WMP’s are customized to the unique requirements of your facility and are designed to be compliant with Local and National mandates.

A Full Service Water Management Plan will demonstrate the measures your facility has taken to reduce the risk of Legionella Outbreaks in Facility Water Systems and keep building occupants safe.

Full Service Water Management Plans include the following:
  • Water Management Plan Templates
  • Site Surveys & Risk Assessments
  • Attendance at Annual WMP Review Meeting
  • Chemical Water Treatment Programs
  • Water System Cleaning & Disinfections
  • Water System Inspections
  • HPC (Bacteria) Sampling
  • Annual Certification Letters
  • Required Legionella Sample Points – Where & When
  • Labor to Collect Samples
  • Sterilized Sample Bottle
  • Chain of Custody Documentation
  • Shipping & Handling
  • CDC Elite Certified Lab Results including LP detection with Sero Group Identification, pH, Temperature and Chlorine at time of Collection
  • Interpretation & Analysis of Lab Results

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Cooling Towers, Domestic Hot Water, Hot Tubs, Humidifiers, Air Misters, Decorative Fountains

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