Legionella for Health Care Services 

As of December 2016, Healthcare Facilities in New York State are required to adopt a Legionella testing and management plan for potable water systems.  This requirement is part of the NYS Protection Against Legionella Legislation and covers all Article 28 Health Care Facilities.  More information can be found at www.health.ny.gov. 

The law requires the following:
  • Environmental Assessment Form (DOH-5222) – Completed Annually
  • Legionella Management Plan – Hardcopy On-site
  • Legionella Testing – Completed Quarterly
The Metro Group is uniquely qualified to assist your facility in staying compliant with each aspect of the Legislation. 
  • Our Certified Water Technologists will perform an Environmental Assessment and consult with you to create a Legionella Management Plan based on the unique characteristics of your facility and associated potable water systems. 
  • Our Field Service Technicians will collect the required water samples from your systems, handling all Chain of Custody documentation.
  • All samples will be tested and results documented by State Certified Laboratories. 
  • Metro can also assist with Cleanings, Disinfections and Remediation’s, including Environmental Assessment & Consultation
Let Metro take the guess work out of your facilities water management plan.  

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Service Offerings:
  • Environmental Assessment & Consultation
  • Water Management Plans
  • Legionella Testing and Certified Lab Results
  • Certificates of Compliance
  • Cleaning, Disinfections & Remediation’s
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