Pipe Insulation

Boiler Pipe Insulation is another important offering Metro has added to our arsenal that you should be discussing with each and every boiler customer you speak with.
EPA studies show that Insulating Boiler Piping has in excess of a 100% ROI with an average payback between 6- 10 months!

Un- insulated Boiler Piping can often reach temperatures in excess of 450 degrees. At these extremely hot temperatures, un-insulated boiler piping:
-Presents a Dangerous Safety hazard for employees and residents.
-A Liability for Building Owners
-Increased Fire Risk.

It’s the law!  Insulating Boiler Piping is mandated on Local Law 87 inspections and is required for Boiler Room Code Compliance.

What more ammo could a Sales Professional ask for:  you have an offering that:
1) Provides Customers 100% ROI
2) Removes a fire & safety hazard
3) Its the Law!

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  • Certificates of Compliance
  • Cleaning, Disinfections & Remediation’s

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