Backflow Prevention

Metro is your source for maintenance, installation, and repair for all types of backflow prevention devices and systems.

A backflow prevention device is used to protect potable water supplies from contamination or pollution due to backflow. Together, we will work with your schedule to inspect your system in an efficient and timely manner. 
 Our qualified professionals have the necessary experience and will work diligently to give you the highest level of customer service.

All backflow preventers must be checked on an annual basis by a New York State Certified Backflow Prevention Device Tester. The New York City Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) requires an annual test to ensure the backflow device is operating properly. The Report on Test and Maintenance of Backflow Prevention Device must be submitted and filed with DEP. Failure to comply with the Rules will result in a notice of violation.

Metro can also assist with Cleanings, Disinfections and Remediation’s, including Filtration and Pre-Treatment, for any water system.  Let Metro take the guess work out of your facilities water management plan.  Please be in touch to schedule a free consultation on how Metro can help keep your buildings compliant.


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  • Cleaning, Disinfections & Remediations
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